Our Team



A Giant Mystery

Q: In your own words, what has been your involvement in LS Studios?

A: Watching everyone do work while I supervise. (Xavier is a founding member of LS Studios)

Q: What are you currently studying/working towards?

A: I am currently studying Biochemistry and molecular biology and I am working to become a doctor... not to save people but to rob people of their money since I will have a massive debt when I get out of school.

Q: What would be a dream project for LS Studios?

A: To make a game that will earn us millions due to that crippling debt... but I guess an RTS or FPS game would be pretty cool.

Q: What are some your favorite games/inspirations?

A: I like Monopoly and Life... I don't usually play video games since my first console, a limited edition SEGA Saturn, exploded and burnt down my house.

Q: Anything else you want to add in?

A: Am I getting overtime for this?