Syed Adam


Q: What brought you to LS Studios? What's been your involvement so far?

A: I was introduced to LS Studios at my first Hackathon event at UC San Diego where I met Arren for the first time. I am currently working on the User Interface design of Unit 108. P.S. our team won the Hackathon.

Q: What are you currently studying/working towards?

A: I’m studying Cognitive Science with specializations in Machine Learning and Human Computer Interaction at UC San Diego. The field of Artificial Intelligence and Design is expanding very swiftly, but Virtual Reality looks like a very promising field to step into.

Q: What would be a dream project for LS Studios?

A: As an avid fan of Star Wars and the Marvel Universe, I would love the opportunity if we have some involvement in the movie industry.

Q: What are some your favorite games/inspirations?

A: Growing up, Guitar Hero was the ultimate game for me because it combined elements of music and technique; a game that comes close to it, now, is Beat Saber. For inspiration, I tend to look at my favorite role-playing games such as Infamous Second Son, Assassins Creed IV and Call of Duty.