LS Studios

Turbo Quiz

Available NOW on iOS and Google Play

Turbo Quiz is a game about quickly answering simple questions. In this game, you will be given an image along with a prompt.  It is up to you to use your lightning fast wit to decide if the prompt in question is true or false.  Don't take too long however as the clock is ticking.  How many questions can you answer?!

+ A timed quiz that tests your quickness, knowledge, and memory using simple questions
+ A dynamic timer that rewards the users for answering questions quickly
+ High Score system so you can see your personal record and plan to break it
+ Beautiful Soundtrack

XSolitaire Challenge

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XSolitaire Challenge is the extreme version of the classic game of solitaire.  This single player card game is full of action-packed atmosphere, with hit-sparks, sound effects, voice overs and much more to deliver a fast paced and exciting break time experience.

+ Playable game of solitaire
+ Combo system that encourages fast paced game play and decision making
Extreme sounds and visual effects that create a more satisfying and rewarding experience
+ Two delicious music sets, one of which is unlockable
+ 10+ unlockable card backs with more to come!
+ Scores page that keeps track of your personal records to help set your goals

Brick Breaker: Crush Hour

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Have the need to break something?  Why not bricks?  Break bricks today with Brick Breaker!  

Brick Breaker is a clicker game about smashing bricks and growing you cement crushing business

Features Include:

-  Breakable brick that can crumble with the tap of a finger.  You also earn brick bux and brick bits for smashing bricks.

-  Spend your brick bucks on upgrades to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of you deconstruction skills.

- Hire and upgrade workers to break bricks for you.

- Unlock different brick customization to change the way your brick looks.