Story Time Wednesdays #5 - XSolitaire Challenge Release!

Members of the Community,

Our solitaire simulator has finally been released, under the final title XSolitaire Challenge! The game is currently available for purchase on for $4.99 minimum price, and we are potentially looking into other platforms as we speak. You can get the game here.

What is XSolitare Challenge?

XSolitaire Challenge is a unique take on the classic office time killer that is solitaire, specifically the classic, draw-one-card-at-a-time version. The actual gameplay is raw solitaire, however the presentation of the game is where it shines. We have worked hard on art, music and sound to create an enthralling, over the top atmosphere that constantly hypes up your otherwise mundane game of cards, congratulating the player with voice over and visual effects. The game also features a combo timer and score keeping to encourage fast paced, reflexive yet strategic play and allowing friends who both own the game to compare scores for an additional competitive aspect. The game also features an unlockable alternate music pack and 14 unlockable alternate card backs, keeping the game fresh for a long time.

Why should I buy it?

If you enjoy the classic game of solitaire but want a new, unique, exciting, humor-driven approach, XSolitaire Challenge is the perfect pin-to-taskbar widget game to combat boredom with, for just $4.99. 


Will you accept the challenge?!

-Community Manager Robbie

LS Studios