Story Time Wednesdays #1 - Brick Breaker iOS Release and Being an Indie Dev

Members of the Community:

Brick Breaker finally made its way to iOS earlier this week - now you have no excuse to not try it!

In all seriousness, for a team of amateur college students with no prior experience, being able to actually hand-make a game from planning stage to commercial release, however small-scale it is, is an amazing journey. Watching our friends play the game on their devices, smile and laugh and whistle the theme tune is an unreal feeling. We know our community is small, but we thank each and every one of you for giving us the time of day and we hope you will stay with us as we continue on to bigger projects.

Speaking of which, check back next Wednesday for details on our next release, currently in early dev stages. It's going to be... extreme.



Community Manager Robbie

LS Studios