Quarter Four for Long Story Studios!

Members of the Community,

Things are shaking up here at Long Story Studios. We may be game developers by night and during the one hour between class and work on Tuesday, but we’re also a group of college students. Founder Arren recently transferred to University of California San Diego, and if all goes well I myself will be leaving town for Sacramento State in early January.

Despite the distance, the existence of online chatrooms and cloud technology means that we still plan on making games together - this is not a hiatus note.

In fact, just the opposite - we hereby announce that Turbo Quiz will be receiving its next update by the end of October. Check back on Wednesday for the first piece of new content!

We do not have a name for the update yet, but it will be adding a couple new quality of life and accessibility features to make the game easier for first time players based on tester feedback, and new shapes to shake things up for our veteran fans. It isn’t necessarily the last update, either - if you have an idea for a feature you’d like to see in Turbo Quiz, shoot us a line @LongStoryStudio on Twitter or email us at longstorystudios@gmail.com.

We are also currently in the very early stages of development on a few separate potential new projects. As soon as we go full steam ahead on one, we’ll have a full press release prepared. Keep us in your hearts!

Until Next,

Community Manager Robbie

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