Long Story Studios - 500 Miles and a Dream

We are a group of college students from all across the state of California - from Sacramento to San Diego working together to achieve our passion of making fun games for all of our friends and fans.

Founded in the spring of 2018 as a side project between a group of friends, we are rapidly expanding and working every day to increase the quality of our content. Our main goal as a company right now is simply to keep honing our skills to make better and better, funner and funner games and grow our business for ourselves and our employees.

Q: What gave you the idea to start a game dev company?

A: It actually came to me during a grocery store shift. I thought about how different my job will be in the future after college. This then led me to the ambitious idea of: why not start experiencing that future early? And so, I decided to put together a structured game dev team and we went on to creating our first game.

Q: LS Studios is a little under a year old - how do you think it's doing so far?

A: Honestly, after looking at our accomplishments of finishing 3 games, and 1 on its way, before the end of the year, I am pretty blown away with how far we have gotten. Especially now with the new expansion to the team, it feels like we are in a great spot to continue growing.

Q: What would be a dream project for LS Studios?

A: We have referenced this question around several times during the lifespan of the team and the top answers for a dream game would definitely be: An MMO/RPG, a fighting game, or a MOBA. Something where we can showcase our creative character building skills.

Q: What are some goals for you as company leader?

A: Some of my longer term goals would be to expand the team so that we can specialize and improve more into our roles.

Q: What are some of your favorite games/inspirations?

A: Some of my favorite games would have to be World of Warcraft, Witcher 3, Heroes of the Storm, and Overwatch. One aspect that I find influential in these games is their sense of world/character building. I really enjoy games that can get their players invested in the universe they are playing in. As a kid, I also played a ton of Little Big Planet, specifically the create mode, which I believe had a huge influence in my interests in game making and programming.

Contact me at: arren.demanuel@longstorystudios.com

Q: What brought you to LS Studios? What's been your involvement so far?

A: I was interested in working on creating video games and met Arren in one of my classes. So far I've composed a few songs for one of the projects.

Q: What are you currently studying/working towards?

A: I'm studying cognitive science with a specialization in design and interaction and am working towards connecting the brain with the tech/gaming industry.

Q: What would be a dream project for you to work on?

A: I would love to compose the soundtrack for either a high action platformer or adventure RPG.

Q: What are some your favorite games/inspirations?

A: My favorite game of all time is The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. I'm highly inspired by Nintendo DS era music and orchestrations from the Xenoblade Chronicles series.

To see - err, hear - more of Aiden’s work, visit his SoundCloud!

Q: What brought you to LS Studios? What's been your involvement so far?

A: Well, I was by chance invited by Aiden on my Japanese class. I'm interested in digital art and I thought it will be fun to make video games with friends. Currently I designed and drew characters for the game.

Q: What are you currently studying/working towards?

A: Now I 'm in my first year studying ICAM(interdisciplinary computing, art and music) at UCSD. I'm also working on my manga.

Q: What would be a dream project for you to work on?

A: I love anime!! I really want to be an illustrator and involve in animation projects.

Q: What are some your favorite games/inspirations?

A: My favorite game is Undertale. "Stay determined! " I also love Onmyoji and Onmyoji Arena. (Though I almost never get an SSR…)

To see more of Yuzi’s work, visit her blog!

Q: What brought you to LS Studios? What's been your involvement so far?

A: I was actually introduced to LS Studios through Arren, who happened to be taking one of the same classes I was in. We happened to bump into each other in a lab for the class, and we got to know each other well. This was also when I was introduced to LS Studios, which I would eventually accept Arren's offer to help make games.

Q: What are you currently studying/working towards?

A: I'm currently working towards... well, I don't know. :/ I love too many things about computers from microcontroller to build robots to small gadgets to coding really cool applications! If anything, my dream would be to work towards contributing for the Hololens (a device where you can see objects virtually implanted in the real world) through app development, as well as any technologies that are related to it. I would also love to study more about game physics, as the WipEout series has been my childhood favorite game (not the show, the racing game).

Q: What would be a dream project for you to work on?

A: I was actually thinking about it a few days ago, but one of my dream projects would be to create a game where momentum was the key to the game. Your movement wouldn't be restricted by anything in the air (though your ground movement is slow), but it would be like using the grappling hook to navigate through crevices like a platformer game. It's satisfying to see how your speed isn't affected in the air and builds momentum to where you want to go. Frustration does not belong in any game, including this one.

Q: What are some your favorite games/inspirations?

A: Well, I just said it a moment ago, but WipEout was one of my favorite games due to how intense the game was. It was like a pseudo Mario Kart, but more futuristic and faster. There's even a mode dedicated to destroying other people, which you can tell is really fun too! Another game is the Ori and the Blind Forest, which introduced to me how satisfying conserving momentum was. It also had a really great soundtrack, which added onto the experience for being orchestrally created (I still listen to it outside of the game).

Q: In your own words, what has been your involvement in LS Studios?

A: Watching everyone do work while I supervise.

Q: What are you currently studying/working towards?

A: I am currently studying Biochemistry and molecular biology and I am working to become a doctor... not to save people but to rob people of their money since I will have a massive debt when I get out of school.

Q: What would be your dream project for LS Studios to work on?

A: To make a game that will earn us millions due to that crippling debt... but I guess an RTS or FPS game would be pretty cool.

Q: What are some of your favorite games/your inspirations?

A: I like Monopoly and Life... I don't usually play video games since my first console, a limited edition SEGA Saturn, exploded and burnt down my house.

Q: Anything else you want to add in?

A: Am I getting overtime for this?

Xavier is a founding member of LS Studios.

Contact me at: xavier.reyes@longstorystudios.com

I’m the one doing these interviews, so I’m not gonna bother with the Q & A format…

Arren is one of my best friends since childhood, so I was one of the founding members of LS Studios along with Xavier and another friend of ours who left the company, but that we remain great friends with. I’ve contributed to art, music and game design since the beginning, but with the introduction of artists and a composer, I can now fully settle into the role of Community Manager, where I run this website and the company Twitter!

I’m currently studying myself to be a Journalism major - After four semesters at Los Medanos College (my picture was taken in their newsroom!) I’ll be attending Sacramento State in January. Obviously Game Development and Journalism are two rather different fields, but I hope I’ll be able to combine them… a life inspiration for me is UltraDavid, a popular figure in the fighting game community who is also a full-time lawyer.

Some of my favorite games are the Super Smash Bros. and Capcom Vs. fighting game series, the Civilization, Pokemon and Metal Gear series, Monster Rancher, Skullgirls, Cities: Skylines and Undertale/Deltarune. As a writer, I take inspiration from these as well as a lot of shonen anime tropes.

A dream project for me to work on would be a huge crossover fighting game after spending a decade making worthy characters. I actually have a ton of ideas for tons of different games, but I can only, well, dream about them for right now…

Either way, please look forward to more content from myself and the rest of the Studio! To see more of my work…

Contact me at: cmrobbie@longstorystudios.com